Our Team

Geremy Greens

Founder, CEO, and Master Grower of Geremy Greens Farm.

Geremy Anderson moved to Austin in 2017, fleeing a high stress career and an addiction - he never looked back.  After years of working at the local hydroponic shop, Bright Ideas, in Austin, TX, Geremy built a network of incredible resources in the Texas Hemp industry. He learned from successes and failures of others, while building his own Texas Hemp legacy.  His passion and knowledge of the cannabis plant and quality growing methods landed him several consulting opportunities within the industry. 

All of which, ultimately led to the formation of Geremy Greens Farm in 2020. 

Grant Tanner

Lead Grower - Grant oversees daily operation and works directly beside Geremy inside of the grow.

After college, Grant decide not to pursue a career in IT, and jumped into the garden full-time. Grant is an absolute savage when it comes to taking care of mother plants, cloning our next generations, and maintaining bloom rooms.

Grant is meticulous, with high standards which is why he has been such a great addition to the team.

Ashley Harkrider

Managing Partner - Ashley is Geremy's lifelong best friend. He literally helped build this company with his bare hands. Ashley now handles design, packaging, and sales. If you like our merch, label designs, and media, you can Thank Ashley.

Without this guy, our brand wouldn't even look half as good.

Ashley and Geremy are also in a band together called Eye Said So.

Colton Luther

Managing Partner - Colton handles marketing & sales, business development, public relations and is the self-appointed quality control manager...

Colton hosts the Puff & Prosper Podcast that highlights successful entrepreneurs and cannabis culture.

When he is not on the computer or taking videos, you can find Colton in the grow with Grant and Geremy.